Antwon1LA lifestyle brand UNIF share as a free download, San Jose-based hip-hop artist Antwon’s new album ‘Heavy Hearted in Doldrums’.

UNIF has released the amazing and refreshing album on vinyl in a limited edition picture disc, and collaborated with Antwon & Nature World on a clothing collection that is also available now. Watch the video for ‘Don’t Care’, directed by Cali Dewitt and produced by UNIF.

Get ‘Heavy Hearted in Doldrums’ here
Here’s ‘Heavy Hearted in Doldrums’ LP (released via lifestyle brand UNIF).

Antwon hardly shies away from punishing low-end or chemical enhancement, but his fatalistic litanies and short-sharp-shock attack have little to do with the mainstream rap game…Rather than simply using the music as the springboard for to inundate the listener with his rhymes, Antwon employs his craft judiciously to allow the production to have it’s own voice. antwon2Even his lyrics seem out of step with conventional hip-hop, with the braggart’s vanity of big name artists eschewed in favor of grim, impoverished nihilism…

Check out last year’s ‘In Dark Denim’

Photo by Derek Perlman