Antonio Lulic & Zoe Konez Share ECHO

Singer-Songwriters Zoe Kones & Antonio Lulic collaborate on the powerful and affecting new single Echo. It’s a powerful piece of songwriter pop that explores the feeling of wanderlust. 

A coming together of two worlds, Zoe’s heritage is very much based in the indie-songwriter world. She’s been touring the grass-roots scene for years and also runs her own independent artist night Stop, Look, Listen. Antonio however, has just come back from supporting the mighty Ed Sheeran on his U.S and South American tour dates. 

The track brings together both of these worlds brilliantly. It’s a lush piece of indie-leaning songwriter pop, with both artists vocals working perfectly with eachother.

“We wrote Echo just after Antonio came off tour with Ed Sheeran. We recorded it before he went on tour for the second time with Ed whilst I finished the production. The lyrics tell of longing for adventure and escaping the everyday life, sometimes at the expense of personal relationships when the pull to get away is too strong to stay together.”

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