FM premiere | Anthony Touma’s ‘Walk Away’ video

Lebanese-French, 25-year-old Pop singer-songwriter Anthony Touma, share the right video for his new single ‘Walk Away’ (released on Universal Music MENA). The catchy and soulful number was sleekly produced by Sleiman Damien and Tarek Majdalani, in their studios with all the vocals recorded at Touma’s little home studio.

Touma explains: “This track is one of the tracks that speaks to me most, it tells my story and it just makes me feel good when I listen to it. On my journey to where I am today, I had a lot of people not believing in me. As time went by and as I moved forward and improved, these same people started noticing my success and came back to me acting friendly, supportive and showing ‘Fake love’ as Drake would say. They inspired me to write this song. I felt a lot of people would relate, it also reminded me of relationships where your ex who left you suddenly gains interest again because you’ve ‘gotten prettier’ or more successful etc. ”

He adds: “My favorite fun fact about this track is that I’m the one singing all the African choir parts. Initially, I was supposed to compose the choir parts and record them as a demo that we would send to an actual African Choir, when I sent them to the producers they could hardly believe that I recorded these parts myself. We then decided that I would be the one to sing them, and I spent a very fun night, locked up in my home studio all alone, dancing and singing my lungs out till 4am while picturing myself in Africa”.