Anpheous shares his love with the new album ‘Billet-Doux [An Illusion]’

"Love is the most driving force behind my career as an artist"
31 March 2023

Discover Anpheous – an up-and-coming young artist from China. His music has an awesome afrobeat sound and the lyrics are very charming and romantic without complacency.

Anpheous just dropped his second full-length album Billet-Doux [An Illusion]. The inspiration for the album came after his ex-girlfriend suddenly returned to him, hoping to rekindle the fire of their first love.

He conveys his emotions in his tunes as he enjoys the joy, awe and loyalty he has towards this special individual that is like his soulmate. Highlights include Anpheous delicately written lyricism with lines such as. “Girl when I’m falling, Be my parachute, We’re both symmetric, Perfect to the core, Promise to always cherish you, Every breath of my life“.

Anpheous did the mixing and mastering of the album in his home studio. The entire collection of songs has been done and produced in a lush way and is full of bangers: from Gangsta Lover featuring Don Shabba & Jac45, ‘Searching No More featuring Honmma, Enjoy life featuring Kanaala, the title track Billet-Doux, and finally Where.

The first track of the album, Attitude begins with a smooth Afrobeat feel, while Be Mine brings an upbeat Amapiano sound, sparkly clean percussion, tasty guitar riffs and its immersive soundscapes by Brizy Beats and BeatsByJoel.

Anpheous was a regular at all the big events in his hometown of Monrovia, Liberia – talent shows, school jams, rap battles and even wedding ceremonies. This created an image of him as an artist and made him noticeable in the industry. He said artists like Eminem, Wizkid, Orpheus and Tekno have been a major influence for him.

It makes perfect sense that his name was based on Orpheus – the famed Greek poet and musician who could enchant people with his words – considering he had nothing but noble intentions. Anpheous reveals: “Love is the most driving force behind my career as an artist, and it’s my wish to continue to express and demonstrate love to my fellow man through music”.