ANOTHER NGUYEN shares powerful electro-pop anthem ‘Different’

"It was interesting to experience that it's very possible to feel a connection to someone else even if you do love your partner and you're committed to them."
22 September 2023

ANOTHER NGUYEN, the Berlin-based Vietnamese-German singer-songwriter, shares her highly anticipated single Different.​ A powerful electro-pop anthem that encompasses profound lyrical explorations.

Nguyen’s sonic landscape is a mesmerizing fusion of electronic and pop, marked by her dynamic yet delicate vocals that transport listeners through a spectrum of emotions. With swelling bass tones, hypnotic drum grooves, and flickering synths, her music serves as a canvas for introspection, prompting us to explore our inner selves.

In her latest release, Different, ANOTHER NGUYEN dives into the complex world of human connection. The song was inspired by a chance encounter during a video shoot, where instant attraction collided with the boundaries of pre-existing relationships. Nguyen shares, “It was interesting to experience that it’s very possible to feel a connection to someone else even if you do love your partner and you’re committed to them.”

Crafted in collaboration with co-writer Darius Karrenberg, the song was brought to life during the summer of 2022. With the help of her producer, Ylva Brandtsegg (Adam Audio Ambassador), the track blossomed into the upbeat pop anthem we hear today.

With Different as her anthem, her journey of self-discovery resonates with us all, inviting us to celebrate our own individuality and the profound connections we forge along the way.

​T​he ​blossoming ​electro-​pop ​sensation​, born Ngoc Anh Nguyen, is an artist on a mission – a quest for identity and a celebration of individuality. Her music is a testament to her personal journey, inviting listeners to embark on their own path of self-discovery in our ever-evolving world.

For those fortunate enough to be in Berlin, mark your calendars for ANOTHER NGUYEN‘s upcoming live shows. Catch her electrifying performances on the following dates:

29th September: Arcanoa Berlin
12th November: Cinemotion Berlin
19th November: Badehaus Berlin (EP Release Gig)

Photos by Jeremy Knowles and Tony Bui