By Moni B

Taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary is no feat for Oklahoma artist Anne Reburn, as she sings about the simplicities of love in her new single Everywhere and Nowhere.

A delicate offering that is sure to resonate with many, Anne’s angelic vocals are cushioned by the gentle riff of an acoustic guitar. Bearing an intimacy that is brimming with the sweet nature of young love, the singer-songwriter shines on the track which is inspired by her own experiences with romance. “‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ is about quality time spent with someone you love”, Anne explains. “You have dreams of going everywhere and doing everything with them, but you’re also perfectly content to stay in with them and go nowhere. When you’re with that special person, location doesn’t matter. You can be happy no matter where you are”.

Having relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, Anne has forged an impressive career for herself, with her eponymous YouTube channel currently boasting 348,000 followers. Her fanbase fell for her soft, sincere songs, and her ability to connect with them through these shared moments is what makes her an enchanting new addition to the scene.

With Everywhere and Nowhere, Anne Reburn looks set to have a promising year ahead of her.