Annah Marcelle drops ‘Mars’. A poignant exploration of identity and new beginnings

"It made me realize that leaving your life behind to go to Mars is a lot like losing yourself and your identity for a person or relationship"
13 May 2024

Emerging from Virginia, singer-songwriter Annah Marcelle recently released Mars, a compelling single exploring self-identity and new beginnings. Mars serves as the initial preview of her forthcoming EP, Aftermath, which is a narrative collection of five songs depicting the emotional aftermath of intense heartbreak. Annah plans to release each track sequentially every six weeks, aiming to complete the series by Fall 2024.

Inspired by the mysterious allure of the red planet, Mars reflects the complexities and transformative powers of human relationships. Annah compares the concept of relocating to Mars to the profound changes people undergo in deep, personal relationships, which often push them beyond their comfort zones.

Annah explains: “I’ve always thought the idea of people wanting to go to Mars was intriguing and crazy. That would definitely be out of my comfort zone! It made me realize that leaving your life behind to go to Mars is a lot like losing yourself and your identity for a person or relationship.”

For the production of Aftermath, Annah teamed up with Nashville-based producer Kara Greskovic. This collaboration marked her first deep dive into Nashville’s dynamic creative scene. The track examines the delicate balance between ambition and contentment within relationships, and how easily one can lose sight of their core self amidst relationship dynamics.

Annah likens her songwriting process to painting, finding joy and fulfillment in each creation: “There is nothing better than the satisfaction you feel after completing a song and feeling like it’s some of your best work, which is a big reason that keeps me writing. Writing a song is like a painting, after you’re done painting it, you admire it and it just makes you want to paint another one.”

Annah’s artistic versatility also extends to her collaborations with EDM/Trance producer Istar Project. Following their initial successful release, Secrets, they are preparing to launch another track later this year, which will showcase Annah’s ethereal vocals and her ability to cross musical genres.

Annah Marcelle is definitely an artist to watch this year.