Anna Thoresen creates LIMIT, an irresistibly catchy pop song about self-love

"A diva pop/R&B song about self-love and cutting people off who no longer serve me."
14 October 2023

At 21, Anna Thoresen wears many hats—singer, producer, and songwriter.​ In the vibrant canvas of Los Angeles,  ​the dynamic 21-year-old​ has emerged from the East Coast, captivating hearts with her infectious energy and empowering melodies. Her most recent release, LIMIT, exemplifies her talent for crafting meaningful yet irresistibly catchy modern pop songs.

Originally from New Jersey and now navigating the bustling music scene of Los Angeles, she’s on a mission to spread a message of self-love and empowerment through her upbeat and relatable tracks.

LIMIT is an anthem of liberation​,a testament to her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Thoresen describes it as a “diva pop/R&B song about self-love and cutting people off who no longer serve me.”​  It’s a celebration of setting boundaries and finding happiness within oneself, free from the confines of societal expectations.

​She says: “I wanted to make a song that’s up-beat and fun, yet was also actually relatable to me. I want people to listen to it and feel like they don’t need a partner in their lives to feel truly loved either! The message of self-love & not taking anyone’s sh*t is really important to me, and my goal is to spread that to as many people as I can!!​”

Behind the scenes of LIMIT is the collaboration between Anna Thoresen and Russell Hayden. Meeting at a Guitar Center in New Jersey, their shared passion for music and a move to LA set the stage for fate to weave its magic. Russell, the producer and co-writer, played a crucial role in bringing the sounds and beats to life using a mix of samples and plug-ins.

The duo’s influences span a spectrum—Timbaland and Pharrell for both, but with unique twists. Russell leans towards mainstream pop and rap, while Thoresen‘s heart beats to the rhythm of R&B and rock. This amalgamation of influences results in a sonic mishmash that defines their distinctive sound.

Recorded across both coasts, LIMIT is a product of late-night sessions and impromptu beats. Half of the track found its voice in Russell’s at-home studio, while Thoresen added her magic in her childhood room in Jersey. The result? An infectious melody that reflects the joy of creation.

As the release date approached, Thoresen faced a creative block in choosing the perfect cover. Serendipity struck at a red light in LA, where she spotted a massive graffiti mural with just one word—’LIMIT‘ A spontaneous snapshot became the visual embodiment of the track’s vibe, a perfect testament to the unpredictability of creativity.

In her own words, Thoresen delivers a raw and unapologetic declaration: “F@$#%N YOU IS F@$#%N UP AND I WON’T DO THAT S#%T TONIGHT!!!” It encapsulates the defiance and power behind LIMIT, resonating with the energy that defines Anna Thoresen‘s musical ethos.

As LIMIT reverberates through ​our speakers, Anna Thoresen emerges as an artist unafraid to break boundaries, both musically and personally. Her story is one of self-love, collaboration, and the courage to set limits in a world that often pushes against them. In Thoresen‘s world, empowerment isn’t just a lyric—it’s a lifestyle.