ANNA KRANTZ Takes Us To Heights Of Sublime Reverie With New Single WE COULD BE HIGH

By Vasco Dega

Dublin based Londoner Anna Krantz’s new single We Could Be High is a poignant reflection on the current times in which we live. Written on a Zoom call during the lockdown, the track combines sentimental Americana flourishes with gritty soul-stirring uplift.

Anna Krantz’s vocals are consoling in the verses surrounded by comforting organ flourishes and soft acoustic guitars. Then in the chorus she soars ‘like an eagle glide’ with electric guitars and big country-pop harmonies echoing Mary Chapin Carpenter and Carole King in a golden glow.

It’s classic songwriting with a message for 2020, keep hold of your dreams and keep taking leaps of faith in the hope of finding the ultimate high. Be it love for another, love for oneself or simply inner calm and connection. Perfect sublime reverie.