By Moni B

Anja Kotar is a San Jose born singer-songwriter who possesses a unique quality of bringing realism to the forefront. In Alone Together she speaks some home truths about the world we’re currently living in, and what pass times she’s going back to to make it through the day, which is like every one of us, right? ‘I really just bought Sims, it was on sale for 99’ is the opening lyric, which typifies the whole feel and tone of the song.

The track itself has its own beauty and melancholy, and Anja’s soft vocal works in perfect harmony with the swelling production. The keys and synths are paired together in a simple, yet wonderfully effective sound, which then showcases Anja’s voice even further. As the track draws to a close, Anja relays all of the things we are now missing and took for granted; meetings in coffee shops, dancing in the rain and going to the movies. It’s an emotional pop song with a true meaning, which is a rarity in today’s world and a testament to Kotar and her attention to detail.

Anja explain the meaning behind Alone Together: “It helps me reflect on my life of the past year and is the soundtrack to my cry dance parties in my bedroom so I truly hope it speaks to people and their lockdown experiences.