Animal House’s ‘Hot Bodies’ EP | Probably your next summer soundtrack

We’ve been fans of Animal House for a while now and so we were delighted to see that they’ve released another EP full cheekiness and probably your next summer soundtrack.

The band’s latest EP ‘Hot Bodies’ kicks off with their infectiously catchy single ‘Coca Cola’, which comes with an equally addictive video featuring dance duo The Hiccup Project’s hilarious choreography. Despite its somewhat simple lyricism, the band’s uplifting blend of garage pop carries the song perfectly.

Title track ‘Hot Bodies’ has a similarly catchy charm with pulsating riffs feeling almost 50s influenced. Lead singer Will McConchie’s vibrant, gritty, twang fits in wonderfully with the band’s quirky sound throughout the EP.

‘Friend’ takes a slower pace but once that chorus kicks in you can’t help but singalong to the rhythmic melody. And last but not least, ‘Heaven’ finishes this EP perfectly. McConchie’s almost conversational vocal line takes centre stage here, sounding somewhere between Cage The Elephant’s Matt Shultz and The Beastie Boys. If that doesn’t convince you to have a listen, nothing will.

‘Hot Bodies’ is out now.