Angel HazeExtraordinary New York rapper Angel Haze announces the release of her debut album ‘Dirty Gold’, coming out 30th December 2013 on Island Records….”I really don’t feel like waiting anymore…”

Expressing frustration and upset about not being able to get her album out to fans in 2013 as previously promised, Angel Haze took matters into her own hands leaking the record via Twitter/Soundcloud. Haze’s actions have forced her labels to change the digital release date.

A Tribe Called Red, a Native American electro pow-wow collective who hail from Ottawa, are friends of long standing. The track that shares its name with the collective is a cauldron of oscillating synthwork, chants, claps and hollers, Haze rising to the occasion by throwing in even more vocal switch-ups than usual. It’s also a means for the self-taught Tsalagi speaker to nod to her own Native American heritage.

In ‘Dirty Gold’ Haze joins forces with the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sia for the inspirational ‘Battle Cry’, on which she flips her own traumatic experiences into the ability to lead her fanbase through their own lives. Angel HazeWhat makes it even more special is that Sia’s own ‘Breathe Me’ holds a special place in Haze’s heart.

“When I was feeling suicidal, I’d go to sleep with that song on. And I’d either feel like my entire world was closing in on me or, in some strange, euphoric way, I was becoming stronger.” It’s a subject Haze addresses elsewhere on the album, on the powerful ‘Angels And Airwaves’ – a reworking of one of Haze’s old poems, “If You’re Contemplating Suicide”, in song form.”It’s probably the song I would make for myself back then”.Angel-Haze1In the lead-up to the release of ‘Dirty Gold’, Haze once again stirred up an online frenzy with ’30 Gold’ –a freestyle series of Haze’s coruscating raps over beats borrowed from notable contemporaries: Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead,’ Mackelmore’s ‘Same Love’, Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’, Jay-Z’s ‘Tom Ford,’ and Drake’s ‘Worst Behavior,’ among others. Angel Haze2Born Raykeea Wilson in Detroit 22 years ago, Angel Haze’s life has provided her with plenty to confront – and a lot to get off her chest. She was raised in the Pentecostal Greater Apostolic Faith but escaped with her mother to New York and it was there that she discovered that music could be an outlet for the thoughts and feelings inside her…

Angel Haze is ONE TO WATCH IN 2014
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