ANDREA TURK QuickFire Questions

"I think having to be comfortable to write about my sexuality now as being a queer artist is what motivates me"
11 July 2021

By Vee D

Indonesian queer-pop artist Andrea Turk, glows with a slice of delicious Feminist Hyperpop-Disco bop called ‘GIVE IT 2 ME’ ft DAT.

The intriguingly fierce 20-year-old singer-songwriter/producer answers to our QuickFire Questions:

I think having to be comfortable to write about my sexuality now as being a queer artist is what motivates me

What was the first album you bought?

Ed Sheeran’s “+” album. I was twelve and I was a huge gamer girl so I would lock myself in my room, play online PC games, and listen to his CD all day.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Since I started getting into music myself by buying CDs for my CD player back in 2010, one of my earliest exposures to music is Ed Sheeran and Adele. I learned a lot of their songwriting, vocal characters, and licks, as well as stylized melodies just by listening to their earliest albums over and over again. I think to this day they are still my biggest inspirations when it comes to songwriting, and I’ve definitely analyzed too much of their songs to not be influenced by it now.

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

I think having to be comfortable to write about my sexuality now as being a queer artist is what motivates me even more than ever when it comes to my music because I can tell – and this has happened to me before- where people who are closeted back home have personally reached out to me saying that they’re grateful for finally having a representation in their community. It’s okay to be gay and speak about these feelings because it is!! And I’m going to write about it!!

Tell us about your single ‘GIVE IT 2 ME’ feat DAT

“GIVE IT 2 ME” is a Feminist Hyperpop-Disco bop that I worked on with Dylan Todd (DAT). I wrote it when I was feeling desperate about a girl who wouldn’t reciprocate the same feelings to me (It’s okay I got 3 songs out of the whole experience so at least it was productive, hahah). It’s honestly the first single I’ve put out where it feels like it’s truly me, and I have Dylan to thank for that. I woke up one day filled with all this clarity, and I instantly made the production for “GIVE IT 2 ME ” while I was sitting in my Human Sexuality class. I showed it to Dylan and he was like “this is it!!!! yes b****!!!” (I can’t tell you how much of a hype man he is to me.) But yeah it was like an awakening song for me- I finally know what I want now and I’m not afraid to pursue it. 

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year (2021)?

I’m putting out my 4th studio album in October with Dylan and y’all better expect some crazy visuals to go with it! It’s really tough right now since I’m trying to finish my music degree at California Institute of the Arts a year early so having to juggle between college and music, making sure I’m planning and staying on top of deadlines, and continuing to put out content is definitely going to be a huge task for me. I’m just ready to collaborate with people in the HyperPop scene and do live shows again after the album rollout, especially with Dylan who has felt like a brother to me and has been such a huge supporter in finding myself this past year. So you better watch out because DAT and I will definitely ‘give it 2 u’ this year. ;)