Andrea Strappelli shares reflective new single ‘There’s a Time’

The production of There's a Time was further elevated by the expertise of Swedish sound engineer Gustav Brunn, adding layers of depth to the music
4 June 2024

Get ready to experience the latest creation from Italian sensation Andrea Strappelli – There’s a Time, a single that signifies a crucial turning point in his musical expedition. Strappelli’s latest single is a sonic tapestry woven by renowned producer Mustrow, known for his bold collaborations with Rkomi and Elisa. As Strappelli pours his heart into the lyrics, a profoundly personal narrative unfolds. Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video directed by Tim Strecker and Paul Raphael d’Indy of Film376 Production Agency.

The genesis of There’s a Time traces back to Strappelli’s time in Rome, where he initially conceived the melody. However, it wasn’t until his move to New York post-graduation that the song found its full expression. Enveloped in the city’s thriving cultural landscape, Strappelli harnessed the emotion-charged essence of solitude and transformation, crafting lyrics that were both personal and universally relatable. Upon returning to Italy, surrounded by friends, he added the final touches to the track, resulting in a beautifully tranquil composition that embraces the ebb and flow of life.

The production of There’s a Time was further elevated by the expertise of Swedish sound engineer Gustav Brunn, adding layers of depth to the music. As the camera pans across Malmo’s captivating landscape, the music video slowly unfurls as a powerful storytelling device, carefully intertwining the song’s hopeful melodies with cinematic scenes that poignantly convey the anxieties and epiphanies of coming into one’s own. Step by step, the video follows Strappelli’s voyage, framing each frame with the gritty determination it takes to turn the page.

What begins as a simple song reveals itself to be a passionate narrative of resilience, defying easy categorization. Life’s mystery and mayhem are quietly soothed by the calming harmony and poetic words that gently cradle our frazzled nerves, reminding us we’re not alone. With his latest release, Strappelli drives home his reputation as a masterful storyteller. Every note, every lyric, and every beat combine to form a narrative that’s as engaging as it is unforgettable.