Andrea Corr: “I don’t download”

Andrea Corr
By Tina Calder
Photo by Fabrizio Belluschi

SEXY singer Andrea Corr has revealed she hates the downloading culture.
And the former lead singer of The Corrs says her hate is specifically of the iPod.
The pint-sized songstress says she hates the MP3 generation and feels the iPod “ruins” music.
She said: “I have an iPod but I barely use it, I can’t stand the sound quality of them”.
Andrea is currently promoting her debut solo album Ten Feet High and believes MP3 players like the iPod are damaging artists’ reputations.
She added: “I don’t download – I can’t get my iPod to get the volume the way I’d like it and when you’re a musician you spend so much time making a quality record and it gets compressed to sound like it does on an iPod.
“There’s nothing like the physicality of going out and buying an album.”