Ananda Xenia Shakti offers blessings and inspiration with ‘No More Limits’

“Remembering we can change the world and music is one of the greatest inspirations for transformation”. 
12th October 2022

By Frank Bell

Xenia Holiday was the founding member of the Toronto punk rock band B-Girls in the 1970s, performing with The Clash and singing back-ups for Blondie.

We all shift, adjusting as we go through new stages of our life. Every phase is a process that teaches us something different that shapes our thoughts, actions, and dreams. Becoming aware of this process helps us to welcome change fully. Xenia had her own transformational process where she became more spiritual, changed her name to Ananda Xenia Shakti, and then traveled around India & beyond in search of higher meaning.

Ananda Xenia Shakti is a one-of-a-kind artist who has released her new single for people to enjoy. The song’s title is No More Limits, which gives people hope and courage.

The multi-talented, energetic music artist creates music that’s designed to help people unwind and heal. ‘No More Limits;, her new single is nothing but positive vibes that can make anyone feel motivated and uplifted.

After a successful career in the punk scene with the B-Girls, Ananda discovered the teachings of yoga and never looked back. She took her high-spirited energy and love and directed it towards creating transformational music. 

When Ananda Xenia Shakti performs live with her Love Power The Band, the show becomes interactive, where the crowd is given a role in the show and shares that responsibility, dissolving the barrier between artist and audience, which lets them give control to the music.

Interactive Music symbolically holds Ananda’s vision of love, life, and oneness. “Our souls are born of the ‘Song of the Divine’, our truest heart’s longing is to reunite with the Divine Song,’ – she explains – “We exist to remind each other. Remembering we can change the world and music is one of the greatest inspirations for transformation”. 

When Ananda hears Love Power the Band, she finds herself in a deep trance state, channeling “Higher Realm Wisdom.” She says, “The songs focus on offering blessings and inspiration to the listeners while celebrating the innate Divinity that lives within every Soul. Love Power the Band’s music asks you to sing, dance and be ready to hear cosmic truth spoken in straight talk.”

Connect with Ananda Xenia Shakti and stream or download her music via the links below.