Amy Milner Shares Powerful, Indie-Electronic Single A LITTLE MORE

Suffolk-based songwriter Amy Milner, has been working with Tim Larcombe on creating incredible, alt-electronica singles over the past few months. Her last single Shine Off showcased the kind of soundscapes and styles she’s all about, the new single has a pure and fragile feel to it. 

First stepping up to the piano at a young age, Amy was soon composing for her school productions at just 10 years old. Growing up, her inspiration came from her parents spinning The Pretenders, Debbie Harry, Elton John and Dire Straits.

The new single A Little More, makes incredible use of vocal effects to create a stunning piece of folk-tinged electronica. Perfect for fans of Bon Iver, it’s an emotional journey that explores fragility. 

No matter how adept we might be at putting on a brave face, at showing our mettle and soldiering on when the going gets tough, when the going just keeps getting tougher, when we’re blindsided, with setbacks and obstacles already piled high, that robust exterior can crumble a little to expose the inner struggle we were endeavouring to conceal. A Little More describes that inadvertent moment of fragility and honesty. In the song, the subject confesses they are overwhelmed, seeking solace and fortification from someone closest to them.