AMY MILNER Explores Inner Conflict On CLOSER

The Suffolk-Based Songwriter Bears All on New Single


Known for her achingly beautiful and soaring musical soundscapes – songwriter Amy Milner returns with a dark & melancholic, piano-led new single Closer. Produced and written in collaboration with long time creative partner Tim Larcombe, it’s a track that shows her raw, songwriting ability in the context of a piano-focused new single. 

It’s a track that talks of a tortured mind and soul, bringing issues of mental illness and the overbearing nature of society to the forefront. It’s a track that feels like Amy’s most personal yet, and showcases the levels to her songwriting in clear daylight

Closer is a tale of inner conflict. More particularly where desperation to feel a real connection with another is at odds with behaviour defined by mental illness. An outcry in a moment of despair. The feeling of being overwhelmed by things that are out of your control. And the hope of there being somebody out there who is able to forgive and understand.

Production is sparing. Distortion echoes struggle and instability, which is often at odds with the piano and cascading soft ethereal vocal layers representing hope or a mirage of better times. A steady, gentle vocal grows into a rousing, pleading tone. Ambient drone guitar beds create a chilling, dark atmosphere, as if I’m calling out from a different dimension, a black hole, into the world of ‘normality’.