By Vee D

California artist Amy Correa Bell stunned when she released her perky alt-pop banger The Let Go late last year, and now she returns with equally striking visuals to match.

A stylish offering that is brimming with the San Fernando valley singer-songwriter’s personality, the track has a sonically experimental rhythm that is soaked in futuristic synths, punchy clap tracks, and upbeat percussion. Borrowing from New Wave and R&B to achieve the unique melody, Amy commands attention with her ethereal vocals, as well as her natural presence in front of the camera. Perfectly accentuating the youthful attitude that beams from the song, the music video depicts Amy lit under pink hues as she ponders through a library, before exploding into a medley of energetic dance, as well as an alternating scene where she cruises through the valley in a retro car with vintage clobber to accompany. Produced by 100Million (TLC, Dolla Bill Gates and Dommo Wilson), it elevates the single’s narrative to the next level.

“Let the timeworn pages of knowledge and inspiration guide you through the portals where starlit memories inspire future visions, while melodies sing of dreams rediscovered.  Go back to move forward, let the retro vehicles transport you to the places where dreams arrive and land on the pages of your mind.”

Amy has been raising intrigue on the scene ever since her debut in 2018 with Gold, and with The Let Go already surpassing 80,000 streams on Spotify alone, it looks set to be a promising year ahead for her.