Amethysts share ‘Bloodline’ – the intriguing duo returns with their captivating nu-gaze sound

“Living in the transition from who you used to be, to who you are now after a significant life change"
20 September 2023

Amethysts share their latest gem, Bloodline, via Tabby Tracks Records/ Conch Town Records. The opening chapter of their upcoming EP, New Moon is marked by this lushly ethereal track.

With Bloodline, produced by the talented Alex Gordon (noted for his work with The Cure and Bat For Lashes) and masterfully crafted by Tom Stanford, Amethysts continue to push the boundaries of their unique sonic landscapes. 

The track seamlessly weaves together razor-sharp, shoegaze-inspired guitar riffs with powerful drum beats and a deep sub-bass foundation, creating a one-of-a-kind fusion of electronic, indie, and dream-pop elements. Clarice and Simon, the duo’s vocal harmonies, delicately hover above this mesmerizing sonic tapestry, delivering poignant emotions and irresistible melodies.

In a conversation about their new single, Clarice reflects, “Living in the transition from who you used to be, to who you are now after a significant life change. Bloodline is about the journey where you slowly start to find yourself again and realise the old you is now an enhanced and strengthened version of the person you used to be. And despite the challenges and conflicts with yourself along the way, you’d happily do it all again”

Having previously collaborated with acclaimed producer Shuta Shinoda (known for his work with Daughter, Ghostpoet, Anna Meredith, and Hot Chip) and labels such as RAMP Recordings (associated with James Blake and Jamie XX) and Manimal Vinyl (home to Bat For Lashes and Warpaint), Amethysts step back into the spotlight with Bloodline, their first full release in two years. In a world where genres blur and boundaries fade, Amethysts confidently define their sound as ‘nu-gaze.’

With Bloodline as their guiding star, this dynamic duo promises to illuminate the music world with their captivating sound and musical innovation once again.