American Male’s EP ‘Now You Know’ offers a seductive and intimate direction

"The darker moments are contained within brighter themes of self-discovery"
31 March 2023

Nashville-based Zach Janicello has made a name for himself with his unique and unexpected indie projects, so it’s no surprise that he’s back with an EP under the moniker American Male: Now You Know, featuring six tracks.

The songs have lyrics and music that explore topics such as grief, progress and change. Music immerses itself in the raw emotions of grief and stress, but it also celebrates the joy of starting over and unleashing old ways of doing things. Janicello’s project is an ode to his past as a pastor, representing the ironic “year of Jesus” he went through.

Janicello reveals, “The darker moments are contained within brighter themes of self-discovery, wisdom gained through experience, leaving behind old ways of living, and radical self-acceptance of who you are becoming. Like most of life, it’s a balance of light and dark.”

Janicello’s powerful voice, synthesizers, drum machines, sampled voices and choruses create a truly stunning sound landscape. It’s a blend of his childhood gospel compositions and modern elements that make it really exciting.

Janicello and his long-time friend and collaborator Saint Pressure are vibrating really hard at Bounce It – the song has a contagious dance beat that will get stuck in your head. The title of the song comes from a production term ‘just bounce it’, which basically means getting the song ready to be heard by exporting it.

Janicello reveals, “The rest of the lyrics were built off of that premise. Sometimes you shouldEverything else grew from that idea. Sometimes you need to quit overthinking and just do something. Less thinking, more acting. stop thinking and just make something happen. Less processing, more execution.”

The EP kicks off with Amalfi which uses some Italian samples to set a gloomy vibe. This makes it a great partner for the bouncy, boom-bap beats on Gelato.

Bodybag is perfect to listen at the end of the night, whereas the danceable rhythms of Now I Know Less remind me of Fred Again.

On the last track of the album, Everything’s Alive, Janicello lets out a “Oh shit/ I feel like a god right now” – a nice touch to wrap up the journey with perfect sense of completion.

With its energetic beats, Now You Know encourages you to enjoy exploring the changes that are taking place in your life. It’s a great way to find joy in the unknown. Janicello doesn’t just say goodbye to his old life, he discovers what it’s like to launch into something new and take on all the challenges that come with it. In spite of the chaos, he embraces the journey and has fun en route.

Janicello’s project American Male was created to reflect his 20s on his 33rd birthday. Janicello and Saint Pressure have come together to put out an EP that goes on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the various kinds of music both of them draw inspiration from.

American Male offers an interesting mix of alternative hip-hop, dance, indie house and R&B create an intimate yet raw setting.