New York-based Amen Dunes, the fascinating project of Damon McMahon, unveil ‘Song To The Siren’, a mesmerizing tune taken from a companion EP called ‘Cowboy Worship’, set for release on Jan 19th. ‘Song To The Siren’ is a shimmering and emotive cover of This Mortal Coil’s interpretation of the Tim Buckley classic, ‘Song to the Siren’, featuring Ben Greenberg (Hubble) on guitar.

Speaking about new track, Damon explains: “I tried this one solo and it didn’t feel right. Thankfully Ben lived upstairs and was up for playing. He came down and we didn’t have to say much to each other, which was a sign it would work. There isn’t much talking in Amen Dunes; things either flow naturally or not at all. This track in particular, a This Mortal Coil cover of a Tim Buckley cover, is a perfect metaphor for Amen Dunes. Tim Buckley heart within a This Mortal Coil body, which could be substituted with a Bob Dylan heart within a Throbbing Gristle body, or any similar pairing, inverted, reversed or flipped, any which way. Solid Ying Yang.”

‘Cowboy Worship’ EP track list:
I Know Myself (Montreal)
Song to the Siren
I Can’t Dig It (China Street Blues)
Green Eyes (Music Blues)
Lezzy Head (Burial)
Love (Montreal)