Amazing Success Of Moby’s ‘Wait For Me’ Video Competition

Following a staggering response to the launch of Moby’s ‘Wait For Me’ video competition – with over 500 entires from all corners of the world cut down to a selection of 6 stand-out videos – a winner has been decided.

Moby commented on the response to the competition: “‘When we announced the ‘wait for me’ video competition I thought we’d have around 30 or 40 entries. Instead we received 500 entries and most of them are amazing. I’m stunned at how many good entries we received.

Moby releases his new single 'Wait For Me' on 3rd May and the album 'Wait For Me. Remixes!' is out on the 17th May. Both through Little Idiot Records

It was incredibly hard picking a winner in this competition, as there were dozens and dozens of great videos to choose from. i chose this winning video based on it’s creativity, production value, concept, and humor. thanks to everyone who entered, and i’m truly sorry that there couldn’t be more than one winner, as they were all really good.” – Moby

The winner: Nimrod Shapira from Israel:
“The video clip portrays the story of a girl who decides to invite Moby into her life. She attempts to do so by using the “How to Summon Moby Guide for Dummies”, putting herself through 10 bizarre and comical steps (each is a tribute to a different Moby video).

The video was created by film students from Tel Aviv University, Israel. We tried to capture the spirit of Moby and his iconic videoclips and hope we succeeded. The pre-production took a month (shooting script, costumes, auditions, art and location scouting). We shot over 2 fun and exhausting days!” – Nimrod

Runner-up: Maik Hempel from Australia:
“It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after I heard about this competition through a mailing list, that I had the idea for the video. The song is very melancholy so I figured doing it in a computer game style would make for some nice juxtaposition.

That’s right, juxtaposition. Its different to anything I’ve animated in the past, because essentially the whole clip is made of two-frame cycles. I played a lot of Super Mario World to get the right look for it. It’s always easier to make a music video for an artist/band if you have a preexisting interest in them. For example, I probably wouldn’t make a video for ZZ Top.

But I remember when my sister first introduced me to Moby (not him, just his music obviously) in 2000. I loved “Play”, which was one of the albums that got me interested in electronic music. So, to be able to make a video for Moby is a nice way to salute him for the deliciousness his music has brought to my ears over the years (excuse the rhyme).” – Maik

Runner-up: Martin Winther (Denmark):
I wanted to show two people taking the horrors of the world on their shoulders. A display of how the feeling of melancholy and reflection can be just as beautiful as being in love and feeling happy.” – Martin

Moby releases his new single ‘Wait For Me’ on 3rd May and the album ‘Wait For Me. Remixes!’ is out on the 17th May. Both through Little Idiot Records.