The woman accusing Amanda Bynes of rearending her Toyota Corolla on August 4 filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy earlier this year, Hollyscoop has learned exclusively.

According to the petition filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court of California on April 16, 2012, Kisa Bolinger owed debtors close to $10K and is the proud owner of a 2004 Toyota Corolla.

The car is only worth $1,800 but the former receptionist still owes $3,200 to the Toyota Leasing Company.

Thankfully, Kisa was able to retain her car through the bankruptcy which was finalized on August 1, 2012, just three days prior to the alleged hit-and-run.

As previously reported, LAPD Officer Larkin told Hollyscoop that the LAPD has concluded their investigation and it appears that Amanda Bynes was a party in the accident.

“After gathering facts for the case, there is substantial evidence that Amanda Bynes committed a hit-and-run. We are going to send it to the City Attorney early next week and they will decide what to do with it.”

Rewinding back to the incident, Kisa told TMZ that she was driving her Toyota on Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley when a black BMW driven by the retired actress rearended her.

According to the report, Amanda and Kisa got out to examine the damage. Amanda, who “seemed nervous,” said the damage wasn’t that bad. She refused to give Kisa her insurance information and drove off.

When police responded to the scene and heard Kisa’s story, the officer replied “Didn’t she just get a DUI?”

Answer: Yes, she did, officer.

Just four days later, Kisa took to her Facebook and revealed that she and her Corolla had been victimized again – not once, but twice.

On August 8 she wrote, “I’m officially having the worst week/day ever. So last night my car was broken into and my car insurance and registration was stolen and THEN I get hit yet again by someone…this time they backed into the front of my car…FML!”

We asked Officer Larkin about the break-in and he has no information or details about the alleged incident.

Given Kisa’s financial status and Byne’s past hit and run reports to draw from, it could be hypothesized that this may be an attempt to have a go at Byne’s bank account or just a case of really bad luck…and bad driving.

No word yet from Byne’s camp for her side of the story.