ALTO KEY Drops Lo-Fi Ballad SINK

By Moni B

Everyone is a sucker for a ballad, but London based singer-songwriter Alto Key provides one with a difference. This talented solo artist captures the essence of a stripped back and emotional number, depicting the meanings behind anxiety and wanting to feel wanted in his latest outpour, sink. He is already getting plenty of attention since his debut EP release back in 2018, and throughout that journey has also found a sound which resonates with the everyday listener, and sink certainly ranks highly on the list.

Drawing back on what may be personal experiences, Alto Key challenges his own being and the challenges of letting go. The production is modern yet has a timeless feel to it, with a reversed piano leading the line alongside some other various keys and sprinkles of percussion in the right places. A personal anecdote from Alto Key begins the song and sets the scene for what is a deeply emotional ride, for which you feel a part of and that is testament to his work. 

Alto Key explains the meaning behind sink: “I wrote this song to essentially capture aspects around my lack of confidence and anxiety. I want to experiment a little with the musical style in 2021 and that’s a scary feeling – what if people don’t resonate with it or I let people down? Maybe it’s just been the last couple of years that have been tough and really got me thinking, but I’m really committed to letting go of my insecurities. It’s hard to let go and there will always be an inner voice begging me to not change.”