By Vasco Dega

Driving some serious momentum from his unique and daring musical outings, rising rapper Reyn Hartley has always done things his own way. It’s evident en masse, in his new single Fire In The Trees, one of the most unique pieces of alt-rap we’ve heard this year. 

This is the first time Reyn lets his walls down for his fans as he paints a visual of the pain and maturity it takes in understanding that life is a blessing worth fighting for, even if that means fighting alone. The highlights of the record are found in its evolution, with each chorus drastically building from its predecessor. A live orchestra takes the lead in the second chorus, and by the third jazz, swinging guitars come in as the song reaches an explosive climax. 

Building a serious fanbase for his endless celebrity shout-outs on social media (Emmy Award-Winner Dove Cameron, Addison Rae, Lil Huddy, Jaden Hossler, New York Times Best Seller Chani Nicholas, etc.) – Reyn Hartley is a serious contender for the rap crown of 2021.