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Alt-Pop Artist Tadhg Daly Releases “Still Not Made It” Ahead of EP

Fast-rising Jersey-born / Irish singer and songwriter Tadhg Daly now completes a string of single releases for his new EP with the spirited new single 'Still Not Made It', blazing with the alt-pop artist’s richly emotive sound.
28th October 2021

By Vee D

Fast-rising Jersey-born / Irish singer and songwriter Tadhg Daly now completes a string of single releases for his new EP with the spirited new single ‘Still Not Made It’, blazing with the alt-pop artist’s richly emotive sound. The new EP “Forever Young” is out this Friday, October 29th.

Loaded with a vivid textured instrumental arrangement underscoring a passionate vocal performance leading the charge, this final single ends the LP on a high note as one of his most dynamic offerings to date.

Speaking about the song, Tadhg said, “I wrote this song as a conversation between me and my mother. The first verse is voicing my frustrations and fears to her and the second verse is pretty much a direct quote from her, reassuring me that everything that is meant to happen, will happen. It’s about the fear of failure and trying to make it in such a cutthroat industry. I decided to use my age specifically in the lyrics as a bit of a stand against the idea that you’re too old to make it past your early twenties… something that I regularly panic about. The idea of “making it” is something I worry about constantly but is also something that I think is a totally false narrative… So much pressure is put on people (especially creatives) to keep striving for success and the next big thing and whilst that drive can be inspiring it can also be crippling! Constantly hearing people from back home saying “I really hope you make it” is just such a weird feeling to me like I don’t even really know what that means when I’m supposed to have made it. That sums up the song really. I think there is a lot of frustration, fear and then hope in the track.”

The new five-track EP looks to tell Tadhg’s own unique tale of overcoming adversity and battling personal demons including turbulent adolescence, depression, and addiction, all of which have led him towards a career in music where he presents himself in honestly raw and intimate fashion.

Adding his thoughts on the new EP, Tadhg said, “As an EP, ‘Forever Young’ is a re-telling of the journey I’ve been on from being a real shy kid growing up on a small Island, to losing my way completely as a teenager and then trying desperately to turn my life around and create something for myself as an artist in London. Each song is incredibly close to my heart and I’m so proud of the end result. Writing and recording these songs with some of my best friends was the most cathartic process in some ways and in others an incredibly painful walk through feelings and memories I had pent up for years, though ultimately I feel like so much weight has been lifted from me now that they are finished. I wrote and recorded it with my 2 producers and close mates Dustin Dooley and Andy Hall-Hall during lockdown in 2020 and I think how dearly we all care about the songs is what has made them so special for me and allowed them to be heard in the way that I had hoped. Although this is my debut EP and in many ways the first chapter of my music career, it really feels like closing the door on a lot of negativity, trauma and insecurities I’ve carried with me for years and I really hope it can give some other people a sense of peace when they listen to the record.”

Since the announcement of Tadhg’s forthcoming EP, he has generated enormous media support and is proving to be a compelling artist with something to say.




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