Alt-Pop Artist COOL BOY Has Dropped His Latest EP CLASSIC CHARM PT.1

By Moni Bell

Filled with a genre-bending soundscape, COOL BOY’s latest offering, CLASSIC CHARM PT.1, a collection of deeply charming and unique tracks. Based in London, COOL BOY has created an alternative to the generic pop sound we have become accustomed to. Instead, he is creating an emotive blend of intense and melancholic beats that result in a progressive alt-pop fusion unlike any other. Released via ZONOSPHERE RECORDS, an indie label created by COOL BOY and his brother, Alex Zono, CLASSIC CHARM PT.1 is the underground anthem you didn’t know you needed. 

The enigmatic EP is led by the indie-riff laden When I Was Gone, with its pulsing percussion and shoegaze-esc vocals. Quickly sliding onto the following track Something Real that is equal parts dark, ominous, and entirely captivating. The use of reverb and repetitious percussion creates an echoing alluring rhythm throughout. Third track, the incredibly dynamic No More boasts a sensual and futuristic soundscape. As mesmerising as its predecessor but featuring a much more delicate electronic instrumentation, She Was a Summer Girl is a shining example of the diversity present on this EP. Reminiscent of the recent works of Sufjan Stevens, She Was a Summer Girl is endlessly engaging and masterful in its intensity. Rounding off the EP with its lead single, Take Me Back to New York serves as a powerful statement of intent for this emerging artist. Addictive soundscapes and unrelentingly personal and relatable lyrics flow throughout this entire body of work.

“I never go into making a song thinking that I’ll somehow create something perfect, but I love the process. The challenge of making something that I like and that I hope others will like is my favourite part. At the moment, I do everything by myself from writing to the production. So, when I’ve created something I want to share, I get genuinely excited to hear what people think.”

Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Zach Zono or as we know him, COOL BOY, first launched his musical career back in 2018 when he moved to London. Three years on and COOL BOY is hoping to invoke emotions in those around him through his music. Serving as the whole musical package, COOL BOY not only writes and performs his music but the multi-talented artist also showcases his production skills on CLASSIC CHARM PT.1

This unpredictable EP takes the listener on an incomprehensible musical journey. With its relaxed beats and chilled vibes throughout, CLASSIC CHARM PT.1 is an all-round perfect listen that features something that will appeal to everyone. Serving to mark COOL BOY as one of the most engaging and promising young artists on the scene right now.