At the tender age of 25 US soul-pop artist Allen Stone is already well on his way in taking the world by storm.

The self-confessed hippie is being compared to icons such as Stevie Wonder and has already made the rounds of some of the US’s biggest and most viewed TV chat shows. The recently announced VH1 ‘You Oughta Know’ artists for January 2013 is set to release his self-titled EP this month as well.

Here is what happened when we caught up with the man about to take the next big step into musical superstardom.

Hi Allen, thanks for taking time to talk to us here at Fame Magazine. So what are you up to at the moment?

Hello! I’m sitting on the tour bus, warming up to play a sold out show in Amsterdam tonight. What a blessing!

Your debut EP is on release now. How would you describe the material on it?

It’s a short representation of who I am as a musician. The full length album will be out in Europe in February, but the EP are 4 of my favorite soul tracks from the record.

Has your success taken you by surprise?

Absolutely. This business is such a gamble and even many of the most talented musicans never get the recognition they deserve. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given and think about how lucky I am every day.You come from a religious background. Did singing in church help train your voice?

Definitely, that’s where I learned to sing. Both of my parents sang as well so the love of singing was instilled in me at a young age.

I believe you spent a number of years touring the US with your band. Did that experience of playing small venues help you get used to performing before different crowds?

Oh yes. I toured many years just by myself with an acoustic guitar, playing in cafeterias and coffee shops. I’ve been with the band for a year and half now, and they help me put forth the music that I truly love.Can you put into words what it means to you as an artists be compared to legends such as Stevie Wonder?

It’s extremely flattering and I feel undeserving of such praise, but I appreciate it very much.

Have any other music genres ever interested you?

Of course. I take influence from everything… rock, pop, folk, you name it. Soul is just what truly speaks to me.

You write all your own material. What inspires your work?

I’m inspired by my own experiences and what I learn through them.You were over to the UK/Ireland for a short series of dates. What did you experience from the audiences there?

The audiences here have been great and extremely supportive. I’m always amazed that people even know who I am when I come over here.

What is next for you. Is there an album in the works?

I’m finishing out this 80 date tour, taking a short break for Christmas, then writing the next album.

Finally Allen can you give us an insight into what you do in your free time, have you any hobbies for example?

Music is my life so I love listening to music in my free time, going to concerts, and supporting my musically talented friends.