Allegra’s ALL ABOUT US Climbs Up Billboard Chart

Allegra was always set to be a rising star. This was clear from the offset, with the release of the video for her breakout single, All About Us and the accompanying video showing her confidently lead a posse of friends through the streets with a self-assurance beyond her modest years. 

But now, the numbers are reflecting the truth that we’ve always known: All About Us’ is already at #43 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs Chart – and rising.

Allegra is currently co-managed by Chris Herbert, creator of the Spice Girls and Matt and Warren Meyers of Audiofreaks, and has most recently caught the eye of noted video editor Kurt Hugo Schneider.

This latest offering is a collaboration with YouTube star and all round internet influencer Kurt Hugo Schneider in his series of remaking current chart songs without having heard them. Schneider borrows Allegra for the completed video and reworked version of hit Taylor Swift single, ‘Lover’. The video has already amassed over 230,000 views, having been up for less than twenty-four hours and it’s clear that Allegra’s presence has helped. She holds her own in the Taylor Swift remake and it’s clear that her sights are set for nothing short of stardom.

With this video hitting the big time on YouTube, and her own song’s success showing no signs of slowing down, it’s clear that this soon-to-be superstar is one you should be looking out for. Her rise is set to be meteoric.