All Poets & Heroes unveils nostalgic indie-pop-rock gem ‘Tinderbox’

"It’s a rare occurrence when a song comes together in such an organic and intuitive way."
23 October 2022

All Poets & Heroes’ new single Tinderbox released along with an engaging self-produced music video, works as the best introduction the sounds of their nostalgic indie-pop-rock offering. Syracuse, NY-based All Poets & Heroes are longtime friends, Rob McCall and Corey Jordan.

Self-doubt and fear of missing out translate into this track, which showcases the hardship and sacrifices made to pursue a career in the music industry. Tinderbox was inspired by a poem Rob McCall (lead singer/guitarist) wrote after realizing he missed out on another night out with his friends

The song came together thanks to the cooperation between Corey Jordan (pianist/guitarist), the other bandmates, and co-producers Allen Tate (San Fermin) and Mark Bengston. When Rob McCall told us about his song he said: “It’s a rare occurrence when a song comes together in such an organic and intuitive way. Whenever I brought my notebook out to show the rest of the band, everyone knew immediately what needed to be done and the song basically wrote itself.” 

Tinderbox is taken from their new EP Colorful Lungs Pt.2. This new work by the band demonstrates their experimental and classic songwriting spirit.

The duo draws influence from many different artists, one example being: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and Death Cab For Cutie. Their music is a reflection of how difficult it can be to deal with mental illness as well as the challenges someone might face.

Their mission? To bring peace, comfort, and knowing that there are others who feel the same in this world through the power of music and expression.

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