Aliensdontringdoorbells Premiere DAYLIGHT

By Vasco Dega

Daylight is the new release from pop-rock trio aliensdontringdoorbells, who first captured our hearts with Story, and haven’t let up since, in their unique blend of pop, rock and folk influences to create killer tunes.

Daylight begins with synthwork, layered under lead singer Adam King’s smooth and powerful vocal. Percussive elements are introduced, but the full instrumentation is held back until the chorus, making for a song which leaves you wanting more for every single second of its runtime. The song is a soft-rock song which praises the power of love and its ability to conquer all. 

Taking on the mantle of pop-rock legends, following in the footsteps of their inspirations, Maroon 5 and OneRepublic, aliensdontringdoorbells make their stamp on the musical landscape of today with their effortless songwriting, catchy hooks and unadulterated musical talents. 

Daylight is the sound of one of the most exciting new names in rock today, coming to light for the first time of many.