Alice Pisano releases synth-filled pop anthem ‘Back To Her’

"It’s about realising you should probably walk away, though that can be hard especially if you’re starting to fall for them”
17 October 2023

Since 2021, FM has been captivated by the delectable pop sound of Alice Pisano. Her voice envelops listeners like a warm embrace, and her talent for composing resonant tunes has made the Italian-born artist a rising star in London’s dynamic pop scene. With her latest release, Back To Her, Alice Pisano unleashes a surge of energy—a synth-filled anthem propelling her even closer to the spotlight.

Collaborating with the seasoned songwriter Jez Ashurst at London’s Tileyard Studios, the track delves into the complexities of dating someone still entangled in the emotional web of their past relationship. Pisano‘s vocals, powerful and impassioned, paired with lyrics that resonate with the struggles of moving on, transform Back To Her into an instant mood lifter.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Alice Pisano shares a personal experience. She recounts a series of dates with a guy whose conversations consistently circled back to his ex, revealing a tale that many can relate to. The song encapsulates the realization that sometimes, walking away is the only path to self-preservation, even if emotions are starting to entwine.

Pisano shares a personal anecdote, saying: “I’d been on a few dates with this guy who couldn’t stop talking about his ex, to the point where it became clear he was still not over her – which seems to be a pretty typical situation, so many of my friends have been through it too. It’s about realising you should probably walk away, though that can be hard especially if you’re starting to fall for them”

Earlier this year, Pisano dropped her EP titled Shattered but Still Cool,’ a collection that not only showcased her musical allure but also caught the attention of Spotify curators. The singles from the EP found homes on prominent playlists like Spotify’s Global Fresh Finds, 6 New Music Fridays, and New Pop UK, attesting to the universal appeal of her sound.

The EP’s track Ink made waves on iTunes Pop Charts and BBC Radio London’s Introducing program, marking a significant milestone as three of her tracks found a home on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop Show.

Pisano’s live performances at The Great Escape Festival in 2022 were a testament to her rising star status, securing her a spot among the first 50 artists announced for the event. The journey began with the debut single Celebrate Life, which amassed over four million Spotify streams, setting the stage for subsequent successes.

Her singles, including Open Up, found their way into the iTunes Pop charts. TikTok embraced her single September with over one million views, while Open Up took center stage as the lead soundtrack for the summer trailer of the popular British TV series, Hollyoaks.

Accolades and accomplishments are accumulating, portraying an artist on the verge of a significant breakthrough. Our sentiments align perfectly with the lovely Maia Beth of BBC Radio 1, who asserts that Alice Pisano is not just an artist but a “true pop princess.” This title resonates with her rapid ascent in the ever-evolving landscape of fresh pop music.