Alfie Hudson Taylor releases ‘Being In Love’: From chart-topping duo to solo sensation

"I wrote it about my partner Gabrielle. It’s an attempt to describe the feeling of being in love"
19 March 2024

In a remarkable transition from one-half of the chart-topping duo Hudson Taylor to a solo artist, Alfie Taylor, now known as Alfie Hudson Taylor, is beginning an exciting new phase in his musical career. With a track record of touring alongside renowned acts like Jake Bugg, The Rolling Stones, and Hozier, Alfie has garnered acclaim and success across the UK and Ireland, boasting over 60 million streams globally and sold-out tours.

However, behind the glitz and glamour of his achievements, Alfie encountered his fair share of challenges, including financial struggles symbolized by a mere -80 euros in his bank account on the day their sophomore album soared to number one. Motivated by a desire to shed light on the realities of the modern music industry, Alfie courageously embarked on a solo career, diverging from his fraternal partnership.

In October 2023, Alfie took the initiative to share his wealth of experiences and insights with the world through the podcast How To Break An Artist. The podcast offered insight into his journey, revealing both challenges and triumphs, including the undisclosed reasons for the end of Hudson Taylor.

Now, under the moniker Alfie Hudson Taylor, he steps into the spotlight as a solo artist, unveiling his emotionally charged debut single, Being In Love.

The track serves as a poignant exploration of Alfie’s personal journey within his relationship with partner Gabrielle. Alfie shares a reflection on the song. “I wrote Being in Love about my partner Gabrielle. It’s an attempt to describe the feeling of being in love.”

Recorded in Somerset, UK, Being In Love stands as a testament to Alfie’s newfound confidence in his solo endeavors. Collaborating closely with producer Luke Potashnick, the duo intentionally captured the raw, organic essence of the music. Opting for live recordings with a band and adding layered strings afterward, they eschewed over-editing to preserve the authenticity of the sound.

Alfie Hudson Taylor’s solo journey promises to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and authentic storytelling. Being In Love heralds the commencement of an enthralling new chapter for this remarkably talented artist. With an unwavering commitment to confronting industry challenges head-on, Alfie is poised to carve out his unique niche in the dynamic landscape of the music world.

Tour dates:
April 17- Dolan’s Warehouse Limerick
April 18- Crown Live Wexford
April 19- Crown Live Wexford
April 21 – The Workmans Club, Dublin