ALEXANDER JOSEPH Releases Inspiring Ode To Paralympians

By Frank Bell

Alexander Joseph combines emotive piano melodies and atmospheric, heartbeat drums to create a stirring pop ballad with his new track Now Or Never. An apt soundtrack for a sporting summer, Alexander Joseph’s mellow vocals are sure to conjure up feelings deep within and inspire listeners to show their support for paralympic heroes.

Alexander Joseph shares: “‘Now Or Never’ reflects on the challenging circumstances we’ve all been facing through the recent lockdowns, whilst also drawing attention to the amazing achievements of British para athletes in a bid to lift our spirits and bring us together in the name of sport! Proceeds from downloads will be going to the British Paralympic Association, who provide essential support to the British athletes and staff in and around the games.”

An anthem of unity, Now Or Never is not only making a difference by raising funds but is sharing an important message to everyone who listens.



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