Alex Uhlmann created Only For Minute so that we can recall and reminisce

"Because after all, as pleasant as those memories may be, who really wants to go back there"
26 July 2022

By Frank Bell

Alex Uhlmann‘s Only For Minute is a slice of lushly intriguing dream-pop. The track lets people reminisce over old memories and creates a feeling of happiness. His song is nostalgia-driven, but with a different focus. It’s about trying to make sure that every moment of life isn’t only good, but equally fulfilling no matter how short. Sometimes memories come flooding back and it can be a very nostalgic feeling. But there are times when you don’t want to go back which can feel more like a second of your life has passed rather a year.

Alex explains: Only for a minute is a song about remembering and reminiscing the past, a nostalgic glimpse that serves to redefine the present. Because after all, as pleasant as those memories may be, who really wants to go back there. At least not for more than a minute anyway, right?..Or maybe…”

On the idea behind the new track, he reveals: “You know when it feels good when it doesn’t feel obvious where the song is going when you are curious yourself of where it might take you. I feel more like a receiver than like an active songwriter. I need to be in a certain state in order to be open to receiving these ideas which seem to come from somewhere far away from myself. They seem to exist already, they kind of write themselves but in order to be able to ‘translate’ them, I need to be in that state. When I feel a song is coming I try to isolate and be ready. It’s mostly when I’m hungover actually which I’m not sure if it’s a good thing..:-)

Alex Uhlmann is currently The Voice’s musical director. He’s earned accolades for his restaurant, awards, and DJ gigs. He also deejays now and then for AC Milan.

He was born in Luxembourg, but he started playing tennis there as a youngster. He was introduced to music at a young age and has spent a lot of his time practicing and working towards his goal. He started out playing tennis but has transitioned to audition halls & rehearsal studios.

With its catchy melodies and incredible vocal range, Alex Uhlmann’s music is a must-listen.