Album Review: Rendezvous – ‘Another Round Please’

Isreali duo Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, better known as Rendezvous, release their debut album ‘Another Round Please’ later this month.

Rendezvous – The Murf from Scott Benson on Vimeo.

Recorded in sometimes difficult and dangerous circumstances in the boys’ home country, the album nods towards a variety of influences from early electro to modern dance, while having a feel and melodies, often more reminiscent of the classic progressive rock bands of the 70s than of a mainstream dance album.
Opening track ‘C Sharp’ begins with a bassline reminiscent of Yes or Pink Floyd before building to a dance sound that wouldn’t be out of place in the 90s club scene. .
It’s a strong opener and sets the mood for an album full of surprises, blending funk, rock and trance sounds, but that’s certainly not to say it’s copying anything that’s gone before.

It’s an album which flows through a succession of moods without ever sounding contrived or fragmented.

Tracks like ‘Adagio For Tiesto’, weighing in at nearly eight minutes and the closing number ‘End Of The World’ would be as at home in Ibiza as they would on a stadium or festival stage.

Another Round Please was mixed by Dave Bascombe, himself no stranger to chart success, having worked with artists as diverse as Depeche Mode and Kylie Minogue and his slick style can certainly be heard here. Carl Cox is a fan too, remixing two of their tracks and including Rendezvous on his most recent compilation.

The pair have already sampled chart success with their last single ‘The Murf’ which reached number 5 in the UK club charts, helped by mixes from acclaimed DJ and producer John Digweed along with widespread coverage in the music and entertainment press.

The video to the song clocked up 150,000 online views in just a few weeks and the forthcoming album looks set to be another huge step on the road to more widespread success.

‘Another Round Please’ is released on 24th February on Rough Trade/Moot Records.
By Norman Boyd