Akuchi conveys a compelling message through his latest single ‘No Games’

"I wrote ‘No Games’ in a tiny apartment in Lagos, Nigeria. I felt like a rebel making this song"
9 December 2023

Nigerian-born and raised Akuchi Amadi Osayaba, known as Akuchi, shares his latest single, No Games. This motivational and infectious hip-hop track not only captivates with its beats but delivers a powerful message of determination and a resolute refusal to play by the rules of the music industry.

No Games showcases Akuchi’s commitment to breaking free from expectations and genre limitations. The track’s international sound is a deliberate choice, as Akuchi pioneers a fresh and innovative path in the music world. Rejecting preconceived notions of what a Nigerian artist should sound like, Akuchi emphasizes unity across diverse musical landscapes and human experiences.

In a candid reflection on the genesis of No Games, Akuchi shares, “I wrote ‘No Games’ in a tiny apartment in Lagos, Nigeria. I felt like a rebel making this song; I remember them telling me to avoid what they call ‘foreign music’ if I want to blow. As someone born and raised in Nigeria, I know that in Nigeria there is a little box that everyone struggles to squeeze into, but I’m a musician with a global aim, and I’ll put a finger in whatever box I choose.”

Born in the vibrant city of Warri, Akuchi’s roots intertwine with both Igbo and Benin cultures, and his journey through various parts of Nigeria has shaped a unique perspective. Influenced by iconic artists like M.I, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and more, Akuchi’s musical passion ignited, setting the stage for a career defined by diversity and unity.

With No Games, Akuchi invites listeners to join him on a musical journey of empowerment and inspiration. The track encourages embracing individual paths and breaking free from constraints, delivering a powerful message of resilience and self-determination.

No Games is available to buy and stream on all platforms. Follow Akuchi’s global musical exploration, and witness the unfolding of an artist unafraid to challenge the status quo.