‘M.O.D’, by Bedfordshire – George Orwell inspired band – Akiva, it’s a song written about past events – namely the juxtaposition of the Ministry of Defence’s ‘Be the Best’ recruitment campaign and the funeral cortèges on the streets of Wootton Bassett…“The lyrics reflect the hypocrisy of the political class sending the soldiers out against the public’s wishes, while simultaneously praising their bravery on national television – explains frontman Dave MacKenzie – They also highlight the pointlessness and futility of the deaths and trauma inflicted on so many soldiers.”

The convincingly engaging, politically charged electro-rock pearl, comes with a suitably impressive video, by Berlin-based British animator Wayne McCauslin, of the animation group Backyard Society. “Our songs – says MacKenzie – tend to have a heavy theme of conflict and aggression running through them lyrically…Grab a beat, a bassline, add a view of the world, and you’re on the right track.”

MacKenzie adds: “As we stand on the brink of nuclear Trumpageddon with terror on the street and meltdown in the corridors of power, it doesn’t feel right to be listening to homogenous vocoder disposable pop featuring nobody special. That’s why we have something to say…We’re generally fascinated and a bit terrified at the current state of the world and how it resembles the periods running up to the two world wars in terms of huge inequality, segregation and racial tension, and politicians using people’s fears and financial insecurities to whip up a culture of division, mistrust and discrimination…”

‘M.O.D.’ was produced by Jake Gordon and was recorded in Angelic Studios, Oxfordshire, before the sad death of its owner, and former Jamiroquai keyboardist, Toby Smith, earlier this year.