AK Stella’s song ‘Running with Ghosts’ provides a powerful sound with a pop touch

"It's about what it feels like to face adversity on your own"
2 July 2023

AK Stella is a fascinating songwriter/producer from LA who’s really pushing boundaries with her music.

Her new song, Running with Ghosts, is gonna be on her upcoming EP called THE TERROR. She teamed up with her friend and producer, Aleksandr Nikolai, to create this awesome tune. This synth indie rock track is totally drenched in Industrial vibes, but it still has that catchy pop feel to it.

She loves to label herself as an “unofficial weirdo and dramatic storyteller.” When she talks about the single, here’s what she says:

Running with Ghosts, is about what it feels like to face adversity on your own. There was a 6 month period of time recently where I had a lot of bad things going on in my life (health scare, friendship loss, work and family problems, etc.) and I happened to be so isolated (this was during COVID) and had to deal with it on my own. It ultimately made me stronger, but it felt like I was trapped in a horror film and the only people I had with me were ghosts.“

AK Stella was all about music as a kid. She rocked the first-chair violin, piano, and percussion in different youth orchestras from a young age until high school. She was very fond of reading and poetry, too. She even got published at just 16 years old.

She didn’t start writing songs until she got older, even though she had always been into creative stuff. But her interesting “past lives” gave her tons of material to write about.

Her inner child’s intense emotion has stuck with her for all these years. Her music takes on love, heartbroken, and just try to understand who she really is.

With respect to influences, she would say that artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, and even Miley Cyrus had a huge impact.

She reveals: “I really feel like I’m coming into my own as an artist though. It feels so good to tie something to my name and have it be authentic to who I am and what I want to say to the world. I want listeners to take risks with me. Write that poem, record that song, learn a new language. Whatever. No matter what is going on in your life, make time for yourself and do what makes you happy.”

AK Stella is a compelling artist to behold!