ajenda 2Northern Irish band Ajenda have been making a huge mark on the local music scene in Ireland for some time now.

They very quickly became a fixture in the key NI venues and have never looked back since.

This popularity and dedication to their craft saw them win a spot at the highly prestigious Highway to Hell competition (where bands from across the UK compete for a spot on one of the Hard Rock Hell franchise festival events).

Ajenda were outstanding in their performance and won themselves a place on the highly desired HRH Ibiza Road Trip event. That saw the group embark on an adventure to the holiday isle of Ibiza.ajenda 1Since then the female fronted quartet have been quietly working away at making this album the best it can be. That is perfectly highlighted here in each and every track.

So what does Unrecognizable offer us I hear you ask? First of all this is the perfect successor to the bands previous EP outing ‘The Suomi Sessions’. That release gave us a brief insight into what Ajenda could bring to the industry, but now with this release we can see that was only the beginning.

Ajenda are a band who have only one agenda (pardon the pun), that is to make damn good rock music.

Across the ten tracks here the band take a route that is not metal or hard rock, but something that fits nicely in the middle. That is the one thing this band do above their peers, they know their place and they run with it. ‘Unrecognizable’ is a wonderful album that weaves, turns and pleases along its merry way.

You would be hard pushed to pigeon hole this quartet and that is what makes it so much fun to listen in. Ajenda are a band who offer up something here that showcases each and every aspect of their collective abilities.

The big thing here is that this is a band you simply have to see live, but yes do buy a CD too.

‘Unrecognizable’ is available now.

Ajenda will be hosting an unofficial album launch party this Saturday (August 24th from 5pm)