By Frank Bell

Lush reverb and a pulsing, confident heartbeat carry us down into Aisyah’s latest sultry track, The Way You Make Me Feel. It’s easy to see how Aisyah – whose globetrotting background has taken her from Brunei to Rochester (NY), to LA, and back again – has interwoven her holistic, worldly sense of self into this track.

In The Way You Make Me Feel, Aisyah paints a sensual story between two lovers, giving the listener such intimate details that the track feels intensely visual. Speaking about the track, Aisyah said that “The Way You Make Me Feel is about experiencing a moment of desire, especially when you’re in a relationship with someone.” 

Cinematic imagery is natural to Aisyah – she has brushed with the masters of the art; having worked at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, as well as various films for Disney & Marvel. Indeed, her soulful tones are reminiscent of some of the current queens of R&B soul, such as Snoh Aalegrah, Solange & NoName. Like these artists, her tone is incredibly laid back and relaxed, creating an almost ‘lullaby’ aura – she reminds us that for all the chaotic, frenetic portrayals of love elsewhere, sometimes it really is just as simple as the perfect moment.


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