The Liverpudlian Indie Riser Shares a Powerful New Single

By Vee D

Scouse Indie guitar queen Aimee Steven has been creating a cult status for herself with her unique and powerful music. On her new single Don’t Forget It she showcases exactly why she’s one of the most exciting names in the UK indie scene, it’s a raw and emphatic statement of defiance with biting guitar riffs throughout. 

Don’t Forget It is a rebellion – A message of empowerment and defiance laced with punk spirit. The verses evoke a softer, harmonic side to Aimee’s songwriting before the anthemic chorus kicks in.

Speaking on the new single, Aimee states: Don’t Forget It is a song that reminds us of our worth in and out of love, and asks others to see that too. Self-doubt and anxiety linger under the surface but love must always prevail. I chose to make this my first single of 2021 after the global pandemic brought us a whole year of anxiety – I wanted to remind everyone how much they are worthy of love and of life.”