Aimée shares DON’T BOTHER Acoustic Version

Dublin-based, trained dancer turned pop-princess Aimée, shares a juicily convincing acoustic version of her latest pop gem Don’t Bother.

Aimée explains: “’Don’t Bother’, for me, is the song that every person who has been through the type of break up that I went through, needs. I wrote ’Don’t Bother’ last year with my good friend Richey when I was reminiscing about a relationship that I had been a part of that had fallen apart. In the past I’ve written lots of songs about break-ups but they always sounded quite sad & I was always the victim.”

“When in reality I never felt like the victim, and I think that’s a narrative that’s been told too many times. What I really wanted was to write a song about a break up that is strong & empowering. Not angry or vengeful, but a definite ‘two fingers – it’s your loss’ vibe. Something that felt real and authentic to my past experiences.”

“I love ‘Don’t Bother’ so much because I feel like everyone has come across that one person that thinks they can have whoever they want, whenever they want. That’s only in a relationship for what they can get out of it. It’s basically a song to tell that person, ‘Don’t bother, I’ll be gone!’ – and take the power back.”