"It's a song about the maternal love in the taste of grandma's pancakes. Nobody makes 'em like grandma”
14 March 2024

Unveiling the engaging eccentricity of Faroese rap-punk

AGGRASOPPAR, the experimental rap-punk ensemble hailing from the Faroe Islands, unleashes OMMACHEPANNEKÆK (GRANDMA MAKES PANCAKES), a delightfully bizarre and hypnotic tune that serves as the final tease before their much-anticipated EP, MIDNÁTTARSANG (MIDNIGHTSONG), slated for release on March 22nd, courtesy of Tutl Records.

AGGRASOPPAR captures that peculiar blend of familiarity and strangeness in their latest creation, OMMACHEPANNEKÆK (GRANDMAMAKESPANCAKES). According to the band, the song is an ode to the chaos of preparing for unexpected dinner guests, the nightmare of hosting a never-ending party, and the comforting taste of grandma’s pancakes – a concoction of maternal love and culinary delight.

​AGGRASOPPAR themselves unveil the primary inspiration behind OMMACHEPANNEKÆK’ (GRANDMA MAKES PANCAKES): “Do you know the feeling when you’re walking home late at night, and you sense that you are being observed by someone who knows you very intimately, and then you catch a whiff of some dreamy scent that has been trailing behind you since you were a young child, and then you remember that your giant, sweaty grandmother promised to have pancakes ready for you when you came home?​”

​They add: “It’s a song about the pancakes that take shape by the armpits of your grey vintage t-shirt when you’re trying to get everything ready for the picky dinner guests and their co-worker Anne who you don’t actually like.” – they continue – “It’s the nightmare when you’re preparing dinner for the party, but the salad is a singing octopus, and the guests arrive five hours too early with 200 friends, while your house is somehow simultaneously your childhood home and your grandmother’s place. It’s a song about the maternal love in the taste of grandma’s pancakes. Nobody makes ’em like grandma.”

Comprising Dania O. Tausen, Eyðfinn Bogason Lamhauge, and Trygvi Danielsen, AGGRASOPPAR emerged from the societal stagnation of 2020, bursting onto the scene with their debut album released on Christmas Eve of the same year. Described as a Faroese “flowerpunk naprap semi-supergroup,” their live performances are notorious for their unpredictable nature, ranging from harsh noise to soothing country melodies.

In a world hungry for innovation, AGGRASOPPAR serves up a delectable blend of avant-garde soundscapes and unapologetic lyricism, inviting listeners into their whimsical universe where chaos and comfort collide. With OMMACHEPANNEKÆK leading the charge, their upcoming EP promises to be a captivating journey through the eccentricity of Faroese rap-punk.

Prepare to be enchanted by AGGRASOPPAR’s unique sonic tapestry, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the mundane becomes magical. As they redefine the boundaries of musical expression, one thing is certain – with AGGRASOPPAR, expect the unexpected.