Afrofusion Musician GOGOWÉ Kickstarts 2020 With WANNA BE SOMEBODY’And BODÉ

DC-based afrofusion artist and instrumentalist Gogowé is entering strong the year of 2020 with the double a-side lead singles for her forthcoming debut EP Je M’apelle Gogowé titled Wanna Be Somebody and Bodé. Her latest single Funmilayo, which was created in collaboration with the V Magazine supported artist, producer and alté frontrunner AYLØ, has garnered nearly 100,000 streams, carving the way to her highly anticipated EP later this year.

Her eccentric, emotive and exciting musical style can best be described as a genre-fluid melting pot of afrofusion, afrobeat, highlife and soul. Gogowé showcases her bold profile in her daring music by choosing to speak honestly and transparently about culture and social issues. The basis of her musicality is a result of influences from icons such as the Reggae legend Bob Marley, Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, , and one of the greatest performers of all time Beyoncé. 

Both written by this promising newcomer, in Wanna Be Somebody’ Gogowé opens up about the battle to pursue your calling boldly. According to her, the song is “about fulfilling your purpose, and I hope you can feel that energy and light when listening to the song. We live in a time where it’s easy to lose focus of your individual calling and almost always comparing yourself to others. This song is inspired by just that. I want to lend my little voice towards contributing something positive to the world, and in this case, it is pursuing your purpose unapologetically”.

The vulnerable Bodé on the other hand is an afrosoul masterpiece, led by Gogowé’s lush vocals, delicate harmonies and heartbreaking lyrics. As she explains, “I hate to admit it but ‘Bode’ was inspired by that dark place you find yourself after a relationship ends, hence the minor chords and progressions in the song. What I love about it though, is that it is still very uplifting and soulful, and it does not leave you in a dark place when you listen. I am very proud of what I was able to do with this song sonically, especially still keeping that afro element that I always strive to bring to every song I make”.