ADRIAN JOSE’s ASTRONOMICAL Brings Psychedelic Rhythms To Hip-Hop

"It’s almost like the world sees us through one lens, and that lens is different from the reality of living here."
26 March 2021


Adrian Jose has released his debut EP Astronomical. The five-track effort endeavors to show Jose’s intentions of continuing Chicago’s rich legacy of successful hip-hop artists. While the influence of these artists, varying from Kendrick Lamar to Logic to Lil Baby, is abundantly clear, he successfully brings his own unique twist on these influences. The deeply emotive lyrics are representative of his willingness for self-reflection during the pandemic and is a key factor in the success of the EP.

Yng Shaq’s spacey production provides the vague, yet essential, environment as Jose’s acts as a tour guide, taking us through his roaming lyrics that detail his current thoughts. The ambient, venturing on psychedelic, the production feels atmospheric as it provides a confidently unique, but effective, basis for the EP. The lyrical content is equally courageous, as Jose refuses to mitigate the emotional context that is so essential to the success of hip-hop and subsequently Astronomical.

Now with a myriad of strong, steady releases, Jose is beginning to create the crux of a signature sound, which although pays homage to Chicago’s most successful musical exports of the 21st century, he brings his own unique style, one that is ambient, psychedelic and contemplative. An album is the next logical step for Jose, and is going to be exciting when it releases.

How did you use your influences while creating this EP?

When I was writing this EP, it was very personal and really dug deep into my weaknesses and past. I definitely had been listening to a lot more lyrical hip hop while writing it and took inspiration from the way other artists were able to almost expose their inner secrets seemingly effortlessly.

How does being from Chicago impact the way you write?

Living in Chicago, and subsequently having most all of my friends be lifelong Chicago residents from all corners of the city, I definitely have a unique look on certain things I feel. It’s almost like the world sees us through one lens, and that lens is different from the reality of living here. So when I write, I try my best to tell my truth through my eyes, in order to hopefully give people an actual inside look

What’s the main goal of your work

My main goal is to be able to make music that people can enjoy, while also telling my story through my songs