Adonye B’s ‘I’m Your Favourite Coffee’ has both a cinematic feel and a raw ambiance

"It’s a song about empowerment that straddles themes of autonomy, sexual obsession, and the often-denied self-gratification"
17 August 2023

London-raised, Edinburgh-based Adonye B, as a doctor, spends his days taking care of patients.

This multi-talented artist is all about bringing together different creative influences to create a pure and mind-blowing sound experience. Adonye B is passionate about his Nigerian heritage and takes great pride in it. When you listen to his songs, you can immediately feel all that deep connection.

Adonye B‘s fresh track called I’m Your Favourite Coffee, is a strong pop song that has both a cinematic feel and a raw vibe. The lyrics delve into the yearnings of someone who’s head over heels in love.

It touches on themes like personal freedom, intense attraction, and the secret satisfaction that comes from being wanted. I’m Your Favourite Coffee displays his knack for for storytelling and soulful, heartfelt singing. 

He explains: “In I’m Your Favourite Coffee, I wrote about a love interest admiring me and how empowered that made me feel. I love writing in a cinematic storytelling way and I love that the sounds of this track reflect that too. I can hear this as a versatile song; as a film soundtrack, in contemporary dance choreography, on a driving playlist and of course in a coffee shop! It’s a song about empowerment that straddles themes of autonomy, sexual obsession, and the often-denied self-gratification that comes from being desired.” 

Adonye B has a way with words that feels like he’s just spilling his thoughts out onto the page. It’s like he’s having intense conversations and inner battles with himself, slowly piecing together a puzzle of his reflections.

He was a finalist at the UK Songwriting Contest 2023, a semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition 2022, and even made it to the top ten at the Liverpool International Song Contest 2021.

His first EP, supported by Creative Scotland, is expected to fall later this year and it seems to be a collection of real gems.

The combination of raw emotion and pure power in Adonye B’s moving vocals create an experience that truly resonates with everyone who hears it.