Adelina mesmerises in new single ‘Butter’

"I feel like if Weeknd jumped into an afrobeat world that would be it.”
26 March 2022

By Vee D

Citizen of the world and a multi-cultural force to be reckoned with, Adelina shares her new single ‘Butter’. A track full of energy and vibrancy, it lands with perfecting timing as we sit on the cusp of warmer, sunnier days – a track set to be the anthem to many summers.

Speaking on ‘Butter’ Adelina explains; “Whilst working on a song I’ve felt like we’ve created a new genre unintentionally: futuristic Afro-pop. The record contains afrobeat grooves along with electronic samples and futuristic synths. I feel like if Weeknd jumped into an afrobeat world that would be it.”

Building on the vivacity of the track, Adelina will release an accompanying self-directed music video, a visualizer that invites you into Adelina’s vibrant world, meanwhile, transporting you out of your own.

In her own words, Adelina explains: “I always take part in every aspect of my artistry, whether it’s styling, directing, graphics, music production etc. With this video, I took a step to deliver the idea I’ve had for a while: Matrix-inspired visual shot on VHS cameras along with futuristic holograms and completely different styling for each scene, to showcase how I transform into different looks like a chameleon. The idea behind the video is to follow your heart instead of brain, and it shows in the beginning of the video when I’m selecting the program of “Follow Your Heart” and loading it into my body. You will hear associated lyrics with this concept along with the bionic heart symbolism in multiple shots. I wanted to take people on this interstellar journey when I directed “Butter” along with the talented Dree (Brotherslab)”