addeboy-vs-cliffSay Lou Lou-approved, Swedish producers Addeboy vs Cliff – Andreas Broberger and Hannes Lindgren – present their smartly smooth and softly emotionally charged, electro pop tune ‘Phoenix’, out now via Harbour Lights.

Hi Addeboy vs Cliff, how are you today?

Hello FM! We are good! Tired and hungry, but good! You?

Im grand thanks guys! So…Tell us about your latest single ‘Phoenix’.

Yes, we made the track during a project together with Toontrack. We have been producing a drum expansion pack for one of their products and this song was a part of the product release. So many of the drum sounds in Phoenix you can also find in the ”Dreampop” ezx for EZ drummer 2.

We wrote the song together with Janne Kask, who is also singing on this one. We like it!

What inspired you guys to pursue music full-time, did you always want to become musicians?

Yes we’ve always been musicians. It’s the best thing we know. To do it full-time was never a plan, it just came after a hit we had 10 years ago which made that possible.

What was Sweden’s music scene like growing up?

It was awesome. Especially in our home town Umeå, the music scene was very thriving and inspiring. During high school there were gigs every weekend, and tons of bands. Both good ones and bad ones. But all were inspiring.

Who are your biggest influences to date?

Probably Daft Punk.

If individually you could play for any band, or be involved in any music project past or present who would that be and why?

Breach. To play drums in breach has always been a dream. We both have spent many hours together, air drumming to breach and feeling good.

Describe you’re sound in 5 words.

Playful, danceable, emotional and nice.

What can we expect next from Addeboy vs Cliff?

More songs and remixes and some gigs also!